My Healing Journey

My name is Ruxandra and I have been diagnosed with Graves disease in May 2018. Ever since I found out I’m suffering from an autoimmune disease I started searching for complementary solutions, besides medication, which in my case had not been so efficient in treating my symptoms.

I was then introduced to the AIP and Paleo diets, that I’ve been using to ease my autoimmune symptoms and to treat the cause of my disease. The effect of the diets and nutrition has been spectacular in my case, considering that I started this diet with 100% skepticism at first. Yes, I tend to be quite skeptical concerning new treatments until I test them myself.

In my case, I tested the Autoimmune Diet on my own body, and realized the numerous beneficial effects it had over my autoimmunity, that were also backed by an improvement in my blood test results. At first I was amazed by the disappearance of my autoimmune symptoms, but later on I found that this is a healthy lifestyle I should hold on to for the long term if I want to preserve my health.

I hope my experience and my recipes will help you through your autoimmune journey and hope that you get the best out of this diet!

Feel free to use the comments section for feedback!

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